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The “Matches Museum”

The matchboxes come from 109 different countries around the world.

In the collection, there are all the series and almost all the individual matchboxes that were released by the Greek monopoly either before 1961, which was the first period of the Greek matchbox, or after 1961, in the second period of the Greek match.

About 1,000 different matchboxes are Greek, either in terms of construction and circulation or only in terms of their circulation. The rest, more than 14,000, come from other countries of the world.

Their release date starts from 1904 and reaches until 2019. Most of the matchboxes collected so far were released from the beginning of the third to the end of the seventh decade of the last century.

The collection is constantly enriched.

It is classified into 9 main groups: a) Countries, b) Hotels, c) Catering stores, d) Cigarette advertising, e) Cinema, f) Airlines, g) Shipping companies, h) Bank advertising, i ) Large matches.

Five groups, namely Countries, Hotels, Catering, Airlines and Large Matches are divided into subgroups, depending on their country of origin.

All the matchboxes that are exhibited electronically are part of the collection.

Many matchboxes of the collection are not on display online.

Also, there are many identical matchboxes in the collection, either in series or individually, Greek or foreign, that are available or exchanged.