The representations of the matchboxes

The matches are of great historical, folkloric and artistic interest. They can highlight aspects of history, tradition, popular tradition but also economic course and development.

Matchboxes (small, medium or large size) usually have on one of their surfaces a representation depending on the desire of their manufacturer, regardless of where they are made.

The history of each country, but also the most important events of the day and of all humanity can be depicted on the matchboxes, even the first steps of man on the moon. Landscapes, sights and tourist attractions, historical events, sports events, performances of archaeological interest and folklore are common themes of matchboxes. Various services may also be displayed or very often various commercial products may be advertised.  We find matchboxes that advertise airlines or shipping companies, hotels, cigarettes, various types of restaurants, nightclubs and department stores. There are also matchboxes with illustrations of various types of airplanes and ships, while the representations of animals and plants are of a particular interest. So it would not be an exaggeration to say that there is no area of ​​human activity which has not been projected from the surfaces of matchboxes.